My original paintings are created with quality acrylic paint on either gallery wrapped or traditional canvas. Each piece holds a special vibration and energy as I only paint when I'm feeling inspired. All pieces come with the sides painted, and the back wired, so they are ready to hang upon receipt. In addition, I varnish each of my creations with a UV top coat, to preserve the colours from the harsh rays of the Sun. I build custom boxes to ship each handmade painting in, and when assembling, I use as many recycled materials as possible, being mindful of our environment. I look forward to creating you a special piece that can bring you the love and joy it brings me while painting it. :) 

Customized paintings are a beautiful gift that will be cherished for life. Whether you are looking to create a special piece for someone else, or wanting a painting to make yourself feel joyful, I can create something memorable for you. For more information on creating a custom commission, send me a message on my contact page with some details about the project you have in mind for a quote.


Check out the creation of my work on Youtube!

sawyer’s stardust - acrylic speed painting video

This piece was inspired by a photograph of a little girl named Sawyer. There was something so special about it, I felt inspired to create a painting - and when inspiration strikes, one must run with it! In the piece Sawyer is collecting little "flowers" of stardust, hence the name "Sawyer's Stardust".